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Small Batch Beef

For our small batch beef we aim to get every stage of the farm to fork process perfect, from focussing on native breeds, to allowing them to grow at their own pace on a natural diet. We age our beef from 28-35 days to ensure optimum flavour and tenderness and work with expert butchers to make sure each cut is just right.

This batch of beef comes from a 30 month old shorthorn heifer which has been aged for 30 days.

Small Batch Beef

 For people who don't do half measures:

– 2 x 8oz Ribeye Steaks

– 2 x 5oz Fillet Steaks

– 2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks

– 2 x 8oz Rump Steaks

– 1kg Steak Roast

– 500g Braising Steak

– 500g Brisket

– 500g Steak Strips

– 500g Stewing Steak / Shin

– 2 x 500g Steak Mince

– 4 x 6oz Burgers

– 2 x 500g Sausages

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For people who aren't ready for the whole lot!
– 2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks
– 2 x 8oz Rump Steaks
– 1 x 1kg Roasts
– 1 x 500g Steak Strips
– 1 x 500g Stewing Steak / Shin
– 2 x 500g Steak Mince
– 4 x 6oz Burgers
– 1 x 500g Sausages

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    The perfect cuts for midweek meals.
    – 2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks
    – 1 x 500g Steak Strips
    – 1 x 500g Steak Mince
    – 1 x 500g Stewing Steak
    – 4 x 6oz Burgers
    – 500g Sausages

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    For people who like to be surprised. A typical example:
    – 2 x 5oz Fillet Steaks
    – 1 x 1kg Steak Roast
    – 1 x 500g Shin
    – 6 x 4oz Burgers
    – 500g Sausages

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    For Sunday get togethers.
    – 3 x 1.2kg Steak Roast

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      Quick, easy delicious every time.
      – 12 x 4oz Burgers

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        Our recipe kits include spice blends and recipe cards with full instructions for how to turn your meat into simple, delicious and creative home made meals that will be a hit with all the family.


        Sloppy Joes

        Beef Burritos

        Moroccan Meatballs

        Beef Curry

        Moroccan Stew

        Chilli Con Carne

        Mexican Pulled Beef

        Kenyan Samosas

        Taco Pita Pizzas

        Sausage Pasta

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