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Our Farm

For three generations my family have farmed a hilly patch of land in Tyghan, County Tyrone. Before that we farmed in Drummond for who knows how long - it's been part of who we are for centuries.​

My grandad had a mixed farm growing crops of potatoes and barley alongside pigs, cattle and sheep. Granny kept chickens for eggs, got her milk from one of the cows and had a vegetable patch where she grew her peas and other greens.

Dad progressed the farm to include free-range organic chicken which is now our main focus. Alongside that my aim is to re-introduce the old breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs grandad kept while taking steps toward growing seasonal herbs and vegetables.

About Our Food
A great meal starts in the field and goes through rain, gale and sunshine before reaching our plates. The good times and bad times our food goes through during it's lifetime is what gives it flavour way before we even think of putting it in a pan.

As a farmer I spend a lot of time with my animals so it is only natural that I want the best for them. I've chosen to keep breeds that are famed for their great flavour and for that reason I want to be sure their meat goes to a good home.

We offer simple but delicious recipe boxes using cuts of meat from our farm as well as a wealth of other top notch local produce and instructions on how to turn them into delicious meals.

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