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Recipe Boxes

For aspiring home-cooks with a hectic lifestyle, our recipe kits are here to help.

Designed to be simple and affordable, requiring only a few additional ingredients, each recipe box includes cuts of our native beef, a sachet of hand blended spices and an easy to follow recipe box that will help you whip up a delicious home-cooked meal with minimal effort, inspired by flavours from all over the world.

Recipe Boxes

Our Spice Sachet Gift Box is a selection of our four hand blended spice mixes (Mexican, Indian, Moroccan and Deep South) and recipe cards to show you how to turn various cuts of beef into delicious home-cooked meals. The kits include:

Moroccan Meatballs
Beef Curry
Sloppy Joes
Burrito Bowl

These versatile spices can be adapted to suit other cuts of meat, including chicken or lamb, as well as vegetarian dishes.


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