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Pie Ingredients

All Day Breakfast

Beef sausages (GLUTEN, SULPHUR DIOXIDE), flour (GLUTEN), baked beans, butter (MILK), EGGS, smoked bacon, smoked tomato ketchup (CELERY), salt.

Butter Chicken

Chicken (44%), Natural Yoghurt (MILK), Onion, Double Cream (MILK), Flour (GLUTEN), Lemon, Tomato Paste, Butter (MILK) (5%), Olive Oil, The Curious Farmer Indian Spices, EGGS, Garlic, Salt.

Chicken & Ham 

Chicken (33%), Ham (25%), Chicken Stock, Leeks, Butter (MILK), Flour (GLUTEN), Cream (MILK), Cheddar (MILK), Mustard, EGGS, Butter (MILK), SESAME Seeds 

Mince & Onion 

Mince (26%), Beef Stock (CELERY), Carrots, Onions (6%), Worcestershire Sauce (BARLEY, FISH), Flour (GLUTEN), Bovril (BARLEY, WHEAT, OAT, RYE, CELERY), Cornflour, Butter (MILK), EGGS, Tomato Puree, Thyme, Salt.

Pot Roast 

Beef (22%), Beef Stock (CELERY), Swede, Onions, Mushrooms, Red Wine (SULPHITES), Smoked Bacon, Flour (GLUTEN), Butter (MILK), Tomato Puree, EGGS, Cornflour, Salt. 

Steak & Stilton

Beef (33%), Beef Stock (CELERY), Guinness (GLUTEN), Stilton (MILK) (8%), Onions, Mushrooms, Flour (GLUTEN), Balsamic Vinegar (SULPHITES), Butter (MILK), Dijon Mustard (MUSTARD, SULPHITES), EGGS, Salt, Thyme, Bay.

Sweet Potato Curry 

Sweet Potato (29%), Coconut Milk, Chopped Tomato, Chickpeas, Onions, Flour (GLUTEN), The Curious Farmer Indian Spice Blend, Butter (MILK), EGGS, Garlic, MUSTARD Seeds 

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