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Almost 10 years ago Joel Kerr was working for a tech company in Holywood, County Down, and helping his dad on the family farm at the weekends. He approached a local restaurateur about rearing an animal for them to use in their restaurant and together they devised a nose-to-tail night consisting of a seven course meal using only cuts from that animal. 

This started a curiosity in Joel about producing great tasting beef in a way that was beneficial to the environment and so The Curious Farmer was born. The Curious Farmer has since grown to focus on producing for home cooks but our ethos is the same. 

Join us as we continue to evolve our offering by focusing on how to rear beef sustainably and launching new products that help our customers eat beef sustainably.


Joel Kerr

Joel has been working on his family farm since he was a boy and farming full time for eight years. His interests include native breed cattle and regenerative farming. As the project lead Joel is involved with every aspect of the business from managing the cattle herd to recipe kit production and liaising with customers.


Sophia Kerr

Relatively new to farming, Sophia has fully immersed herself in farming life and is an integral part of the team bringing a wealth of experience. Her catering qualifications make her invaluable in recipe development and her knowledge of administration, PA and basic accountancy contribute to the day to day running of the group.


Sinton Kerr

Sinton has been farming full time for almost 50 years with his career encompassing a number of different disciplines from arable to livestock farming. Sinton has an enviable knowledge of local agriculture and his role includes advising and assisting with the management of the Shorthorn herd as well as advising on the practicalities of implementing modern farming practises in a local landscape.

Join our group

As a group we have worked with a number of great people including chefs, butchers and other farmers and we are always interested in adding more experts to our group. If you would like to join us on our mission to produce delicious, environmentally friendly beef then please contact us by emailing


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